Calypso Jerk Chicken 
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Noxx Caribbean Taste Calypso Jerk Whole Chicken (Air Fryer)
Air Fryer made Calypso Jerk Chicken is perfectly moist rotisserie-style chicken with crispy skin.

Prep Time: 5 mins | Cook Time: 45 mins | Total Time: 50 mins Course: Dinner, Lunch
Equipment: Air Fryer
Servings: 6

1 whole chicken
1 tbsp NOXX CARIBBEAN TASTE Calypso Jerk Seasoning
Salt (optional)
Olive oil

1. Preheat the air fryer to 180C / 350F.
2. Pat chicken dry. Rub in the NOXX CARIBBEAN TASTE Calypso Jerk Seasoning and sprinkle salt if desired.
3. Spray air fryer with cooking spray.
4. Add chicken in and cook for 30 mins on one side.
5. Then flip and cook for 15-30 mins on the other side depending on the size of the chicken.
6. It is important to check that the internal temperature of the chicken is 75C (165F)before serving.